• Key People

Saurabh Gupta SRB, the Founder-CEO & Art Director at ArtiimaZ™ Pvt. Ltd. . He is passionate about his Computer Graphics work and wants to take it to new heights. He worked with many leading companies but never be satisfied. He has working experience in many CG fields like Graphic/Motion Graphic Design, Audio/Video Production, 2D/3D Animation, VFX, and many more. He worked as Freelance Artist for 2 year. He spent one year in Film industry as VFX Artist and almost 6 years in Architectural industry as 3D Visualization Artist, later started complete architectural planning, construction and engineering works.

The seeds of ArtiimaZ™ company were implanted in 2015-16 when he was working as a Creative Director in partnership in a company. It was just an idea in his mind which encouraged him to work with advanced digital technology (like Computer & Shoot based Interactive Virtual Reality & Virtual Tours) and Photography to provide latest and innovative solutions to client. Now his conceptualization has been formed in a reality as ArtiimaZ™ Pvt Ltd in the city of Nawabs Lucknow (UP, India) with motto and vision “Unify the Arts & Tech™”. Since then it has been providing the world class Advertising, Marketing & Brand management Services.

He became involved in the world of interactive media. He is passionate for Arts, Travel , Photography & Creative works; he usually like Nature, Wildlife, Street life, Travel & VR Photography; and his work is always captivating and transcends the boundaries between a simple photo and a work of Art. He constantly learning, experimenting & upgrading his knowledge each day and trying to boost his company's productivity .